Guide to Level Up in World of Warcraft Classic Fast is the most Safe Place to Buy or WOW Classic Gold for Sale

World of Warcraft Classic is a nostalgic nightmare. Running through the old, familiar plains promises to delight veterans and newcomers alike. But this is also World of Warcraft without any of the modern improvements.

Here are some tips to help you get started on your leveling journey in World of Warcraft Classic and make the most of your in-game time.

Always log out at inns or cities

Inns and Cities are points of relaxation. Safe spaces away from ravenous wolves and mouthy Murlocs. These won’t be too much use to anyone doing a marathon run to the end, but for anyone taking it easy and looking to get the most experience points for their time, logging out at an inn or city will allow you to accumulate “Rested exp” while you’re away. Rested EXP doubles monster kill EXP totaling the amount accumulated over time, meaning you’ll get a nice little bonus upon your return.

Kill Everything In WoW Classic On Sight

Fans of MMORPGs are spoiled these days. Many quest designs and expansions no longer require much mob-grinding at all, and players rarely need to kill additional enemies outside of the quests they're currently undertaking. WoW Classic comes from a time before that was even a consideration, however, and to level up quickly, players should never pass up the opportunity to kill a random mob. As long as the mob generates experience for them - indicated by the color of its level in its portrait, which, as long as it's not grey, means players are good to go - any WoW Classic player should be taking out all variety of critters as soon as they make eye contact with one.

Hone your craft

When grinding out the story, you're going to want to craft and train to your heart's content. Gathering professions in-game are crucial when it comes to skills and earning that much-needed EXP to rank up faster. Not only that, but crafting and professions also add up to gold accrued. You can also take those drops seen in the Kill, Kill, Kill portion to sell to merchants or to craft unique items that others in Classic will want to buy whether it be a friend or an eager NPC.

Budget your gold

One of the biggest hurdles of early World of Warcraft was making money. The game was designed to wipe our your in-game wallet at certain levels. New skill ranks would chip away, flight costs would build up, and obtaining your first mount would basically bankrupt you. All of that is back with World of Warcraft Classic, and knowing how to earn and budget your gold can go a long way.

Despite how it seems early on, you really don’t need to spend your cash on every single new rank of spell or ability you come across. These can get very expensive, and offsetting the purchase of a mount for the sake of potential 1% damage boost somewhere in your rotation is bound to end up costing you more time than a mount would have saved. Just look up optimal rotations are work out whether that beefed up Thunder Clap will really make much difference.


For the vast majority of players, questing will make up almost all of your World of Warcraft Classic leveling time. You won’t get massive amounts of EXP per quest, but when tackled in batches, they’re far more rewarding than just killing mobs alone. But you can’t just go and complete any old quest you want to. Each zone in World of Warcraft is tailored toward players of a certain level, making it necessary to wander over one better suited to your level when you reach that stage or run out of quests in another. The way loot is shared out between groups means quests are better suited to solo players or, at a push, duos. Anything more than that and you might want to look at our alternative leveling process below.

We’ve listed zones down below based on their average level. It’s wise to head to these whenever your level allows rather than hanging around to mop up any unfinished quests a zone you’ve outleveled, as monster kills lower than your character level will award vastly reduced experience points. It’s rare for any zone to contain enough quests to carry you from one end of the level threshold to the other, so don’t expect to move around quite a bit.

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