Enjoys the classes that are tanky

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I believe another consideration is dream. Both blood and prot can do well tanking and wow gold at the open world. Blood is more about curing yourself and siphoning strength and health from the enemies. It has got a great deal less damage mitigation as a 2-hander is used by it and is based on recovery itself. Prot is obviously more about damage mitigation and protects. It's got great AoE and if you want the fantasy of a golden knight fighting back demons and shit, you'll enjoy prot a good deal. It's also got a lot of more and utility spells to come with auras coming back in Shadowlands. Both DKs and Paladins look great coming. I have not played much blood but I've played with a little prot and I think that it's fairly straightforward and fun.

I'm a player who started off as a tank and enjoys the classes that are tanky. I did some tanking in other mmos but they were easier to manage then wow. While leveling I attempted a dungeon around level 40~ I think and I was instantly removed before I even noticed what happened after saying I am new and am looking forward to find out. This put me off a bit and that I quested until Cataclysm where I attempted queueing back (I was told 1-60 dungeons are unnecessary/not to queue to them again/they could be overly convoluted and anything else.) This time I didn't get kicked later wiping although immediately. Fine. Once I hit max I'll do dungeons.

I'm level 120, after doing everything that as suggested upgrade and empire pursuit stuff to get the cloak, sitting in ilvl425 around 490K HP. As a side note I played with War Mode on for XP and I enjoyed the pleasure except for getting level people for no reason. But at par 120, I get annihilated with rogues with more health than me, and tanks nearing almost a million health. (Saw a passing knight with 900k-ish I think.) Two questions, how do I equipment up like these, and query two, if I am correct I feel that the response is dungeons. But how do I get in this stage into them? I thought I'd start at endgme but I think it's too late to mention folks and have not done any of these dungeons. I think I would get booted quickly. How do I begin heroic/mythic?

It sounds like you have not really played with your class if you've just done two dungeons. You should honestly simply play through all of the epic dungeons first to learn things to do on each boss and the design of the dungeon and also the way to use your reduction abilities. Solo leveling has no significance to running dungeons or raids so you will have to learn how to tank as opposed to just how to quest. Your average dungeon-goer will look for you for to set the pace for the dungeon and where to proceed. You are going to need to learn how to buy classic gold wow to work together with your healer. It is likely you not using your abilities correctly/at 22, if they are having to spend a whole lot of time healing you.